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—A New Path

Since the 1990’s the presence of Western missionaries in Congo has declined from over 5,000 to around 100 today.  While this may first appear discouraging, we believe God has very good reasons for the attrition.

Although, many missionaries have had wonderful intentions, all too often, the Gospel mission has been undermined by our approach.  In other words, many built a mission station but lacked the tools to develop and build the Congolese Church to stand on her own.

We believe that to truly achieve our mission, we must ensure the church is developed in 3 key areas. All local churches must be:
1) Self-Governed (Able to function fruitfully without the missionary)
2) Self-Supported (Able to support a pastor and ministries of the church)
3) Self-Propelled (Motivated in sharing the Gospel with fellow Congolese)

Laban Ministries: A New Path for churches and Missions in Congo

“God is opening doors and enabling a vision that will become a movement throughout Congo.  We call it The Lazarus Project.”

Our hope is that God will use Project Lazarus to resurrect the church and make herself ready for Jesus.
—The Lazarus Project

But how do we get there?  What can we do to help develop a process toward this kind of health?  We believe God is opening doors and enabling a vision that will become a movement throughout Congo.  We call it The Lazarus Project.

Through our partnership with many local Congolese congregations, we are in the midst of innovating different resources to help diagnose, support, and coach local churches toward vibrant spiritual health.  This process is a vital step toward delivering practical assistance to pastors, leaders, and local believers and will help us create an economy of like-hearted churches.  Our hope is that God will use The Lazarus Project to resurrect the church and make herself ready for Jesus.

By adopting a church in Congo, you enable these resources to be free to the Congolese church while preventing any kind of long term dependancy.  Your investment is strictly resource based and not financial.  Here’s a quick look at how it works

Step 1: 1st Church Health Diagnosis (Accurately analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the body) *click for a sample
Step 2: Gift Discovery (30 Gift Tests of core Church Members)
Step 3: Ministry Development (Ministries are developed accordibg to the Gifts of the local church)
Step 4: Tithes & Offerings Report (Helps diagnose and create a baseline to establish healthy goals toward becoming a self-supported body)
Step 5: Church Health Checkup (Re-analyzes the potential development of the church after initial diagnosis)

—Be Patient

One thing to remember is that this is a process and takes time.  The Adopting church will receive clear and measurable results along with an understanding of what to pray for and how they might share in this mutual journey.  While the results might not be immediate, the work is incredibly meaningful and the long term effects immeasurably fruitful.

If you believe like us that the church of Jesus is the hope of the world please consider the adoption process. Together we can see His kingdom built up and the bride of Christ made strong for His return!

Length: 1 1/2 – 3 year process
Cost: $3600 (Plans available)

  • Progress Toward Our Goal 10%
Adopting a church in Congo and the process take time, be patient!
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