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30 Gifts in 30 Churches

—Church Revitalization

The Lazarus Project longs to help revitalize the church in Congo.   It’s main mission is to develop practical tools that are available to our Congolese brothers and sisters.  One of the core elements to this process is ensuring that all ministries within the church are Gift-Based.  If our churches can’t discover the gifts of their people, then appropriate ministries won’t follow.

Laban Ministries Gift Test Project: Church Revitalization

” We can help the Congolese develop new ministries according to the gifts of their people!”

Discovering the unique gifts of each church in Congo
—30 for 30

As a result, we are making available a 180 question gift test to help leaders and pastors discover what gifts lie within their churches.  This will be the first time such a test is available in their own local dialect.  We are currently at the beginning stages but are looking to begin testing with a final version soon.  Our goal is to make 30 tests available in 30 different churches by the end of 2018.  We’re calling it “30 for 30″. Once the results have been discovered, we can then help the Congolese develop new ministries that can bring joy to the believers and creative paths to God for those who don’t know Him yet.

—Join The Movement

Would you please pray and consider being a part of this exciting chance to develop the church?  Together, we can see her take real steps toward developing ministries that are both fulfilling and meaningful.  God is moving and we are so thrilled to be a part!

Length: Testing completed by the end of 2018
Cost: $100-$500 Gifts; Total Goal of $5,000

  • Progress Toward Our Goal 100%
Join Laban Ministries in reaching out to Congo to create sustainable and healthy churches
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